Linux Tip: (Dynamic conky)

Just a new tip I figured out that I hope someone else will get some use out of.

I use conky quite a bit on both my desktop and netbook. However, my netbook has limited desktop space so I wanted to hide some elements that where not needed like the eth0 info when I am on wifi. so this is what I did.

In your conkyrc file you can script. As an example I will use what i did for my eth0.

${if_existing /sys/class/net/eth0/operstate up}
here you put whatever you want if the above is true

as another example I also have a removable drive that I use that I only want displayed if its mounted. for that I did this.

${if_existing /media/Removable/}
here you put in info about the drive if its attached

Keep in mind you might need some extra space on the bottom of the conkyrc file to account for the dynamic elements. When conky starts it cuts the bottom off so if your element gets added after the fact then you will not be able to see it.

See easy. I can see many possibility’s here. If you guys have anything to add reply and let me know.


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